Saturday, 31 December 2011

Scrap Heap 2012 - Round one

Scrap Heap 2012 – Round one


This is event one in the Scrap heap 2012 Warmachine/Hordes series, to be held at Mad for Miniatures (Cornwall UK)

For this event we will have 16 places available, but we have room to expand on this should more people wish to enter.

Cost: £5 to be paid to Mad for Miniatures before the event to reserve your place.
You can pay by Paypal:
Card Payments by phone: 01726 72259
By card, cash in store: Unit 17 the Market House, St.Austell, Cornwall, PL255QB

Registration on the day from 9:00am until 10:00am
Start time of 10:00am


25 point Mangled metal, 1 list required
4 rounds
All players play each round
Steamroller 2012 rules and scenarios.
1 point for a win, 0 for a loss.
Painted armies are not required.
60 minute games, 10 minute timed turns, no extensions.
Lunch break after round 2 (bring your own) 45 minutes

1st - £15.00 (MFM gift voucher)
2nd - £10.00 (MFM gift voucher)
3rd - £5.00 (MFM gift voucher)

Prizes are based on 8 attendees and will be increased accordingly as attendance increases! Its possible there will be prizes for best painted model, best sport and more. All entry money will be used for prizes as usual

(All lists to by 07.01.2012)


Two members of the Local gaming club have started blogging about their respective forces, check them out! (links top right!)
Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011


Hello Everyone!

Next year’s Scrap Heap events will be one big series, so at the end of the year the Top 3 players from the whole year will get an additional prize! (Think trophy Wink )

Each tournament may well be a different format to keep things interesting, but players will be scored on TP, CP and points destroyed over the whole series.

The price will remain the same as this year (£5 per event)

You do not need to use the same faction for the whole series!

There will be 10 Scrap Heap events in total; we will not run a scrap heap in the same month as Kernow-Machine 3 & 4!

Event schedule
(Dates will be added as and when available)

January – Scrap Heap 2012 Round 1 – 25 points Mangled metal

February - Scrap Heap 2012 Round 2 – TBC

March - Scrap Heap 2012 Round 3 – TBC

April - Scrap Heap 2012 Round 4 – TBC

May - Scrap Heap 2012 Round 5 – 25 points Mangled metal

June – Kernow-Machine III

July - Scrap Heap 2012 Round 6 – TBC

August - Scrap Heap 2012 Round 7 – TBC

September - Scrap Heap 2012 Round 8 – TBC

October - Scrap Heap 2012 Round 9 – 25 Point Mangled metal

November – Kernow-Machine IV

December - Scrap Heap 2012 FINAL

Soooooo who’s interested?

Any questions?


Sunday, 18 December 2011


Hello everyone!

Ive been deep in thought recently, with a new year just around the corner, its time to start a new faction.....

I had a few options, but in the end decided to go with something completely different, and something lacking in my local gaming group - The Retribution of Scyrah!

This all started after picking up one of the casters "just to paint", while painting her I checked out her rules on Battle college...... after a few minutes I was browsing through the whole army thinking "hey these guys are not that bad, why does nobody like them!"

It was only a matter of days before I had amassed a 25 point army and took them to war! After 10 games I'm currently 8:2 win/ loss, it goes without saying that everyone in the local club has learnt to respect the might of Ios!

My plan for next year is simple - Stick out 2012 with Retribution as my main faction! The first planned outing will be at Iron haven's Iron King in January. One of the rules for this event is that everything has to be painted, which leads me nicely onto what Ive been up to recently -

As you can see Ive gone for something a little different with the paint scheme!

Sticking with Ret, the awesome new jacks from wrath are up!

Recently unleashed upon the enemies of the Retribution, House Vyre’s myrmidons were developed with distinct capabilities all their own. The Banshee emits a high-pitched wail that prevents enemy spellcasters from using their magic, while its shrieking cannon hurls enemies aside with raw sonic power. A powerful assault myrmidon, the Daemon smashes foes with its rune fists or blasts them with concentrated arcane energy from its vortex cannon. The Sphinx rends its enemies with twin force claws or uses its runespear cannon to shatter an enemy’s mystical defenses, making it more vulnerable to magical attacks.

That's all for now, we have our longest night event this Friday, so expect a full report after the Christmas weekend!


Ego Ninja

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Bragging rights!

Hello everyone!

Last night I ran my first tournament since becoming a Press Ganger...and what an event it was!

Due to some time constraints I had to encourage some bold play so went with the following format -

25 point Steamroller, 1 list required
3 rounds
All players play each round
If the game has not been won by scenario or Caster kill by dice down it is a double loss.
Painted armies are not required.
50 minute games, 7 minute timed turns, NO EXTENSIONS

To further encourage  a fast pace the Scenario was “Close Quarters” with the following exceptions - The first player to earn at least 3 control points and have more control points than the opponent wins the game AND Killbox will be in effect - So no caster camping on the back line!

Table one

Luke Remnant VS Claire Blewett - Claire wins

Table two

Lisa Hillman VS Mike Oke - Mike wins

Table three

Tom Adams VS Darren Mcnally - Double loss

Table four

Richard Corner VS Hannah Beer - Hannah wins

Table five

Derek Gibbin VS Vini Gardner - Double loss

Round one saw some people struggling to get used to timed turns, Vini in particular had a difficult time with Durgen on feat turn! By the end of round one most people had a handle on it tho!

Rich was quite unlucky on his final turn, he went in for the kill with his Nyss hunters and received this -

Unfortunately in getting the Nyss in to position he had left a lane between a Mauler and Denny...ouch.

Here are some general shots of round one.

Round two saw some more really great games with the players getting used to the fast paced games.


Hannah vs Mike - Hannah wins

Claire vs Derek - Double loss

Darren vs Lisa - Lisa wins

Tom vs Richard - Tom wins

Vini vs Luke - Vini wins

This round also had some very friendly moments, with Claire risking the chance of winning the game by helping Derek with a few tactical tips!

Round two pics

The final round saw some interesting match ups, including Durgen vs Durgen!


Hannah vs Lisa - Hannah wins

Claire vs Mike - Claire wins

Vini vs Tom - Vini wins

Darren vs Derek - Darren wins

Richard vs Luke - Richard wins

When the dust had settled the final table looked like this -

1. Hannah - 3 (Trollbloods)
2. Vini - 2 (Mercs)
3. Claire - 2 (Legion)
4. Lisa - 1 (Circle)
5. Mike - 1 (Cygnar)
6. Darren - 1 (Minions)
7. Tom - 1 (Mercs)
8. Richard - 1 (Cryx)
9. Derek - 0 (Skorne)
10. Luke - 0 (Ret)

Hopefully Ill get a chance to write a more detailed report during the week!