Monday, 19 March 2012

A tale of 4 Warcasters - A few weeks in......


The April 1st deadline is fast approaching......but how is everyone doing?


Darren has been VERY busy painting his Circle Warpack, the basing in particular is pretty awesome! I'm hoping to get some more details for the next update!


Tom was struck down by the dreaded man flu, so no update this week!


Steve's massive Titan Gladiator arrived AND he assembled it straight away!


Matt (me)

No pictures for me this week I'm afraid, I have managed to get some work done tho! Ive decided that the Black Ivan scheme is the way forward, Ive finished the base colours on one of the Warjacks, I'm hoping to finish him this week, so I should have pictures ready for the next update! After that it should not take long to get the rest done!


Monday, 5 March 2012

The Tale of four Warcasters - The first few days......

Hello and welcome to the first update for the Tale of four Warcasters! (yes I know we have two warlocks involved!)

This update will include a little bit of information about each players plans and if your lucky some pictures!

Darren - Circle

Darren decided to go with Circle for one very simple reason - He already had a large force of them unpainted sat in his house! After playing Cryx for the last year Darren is looking forward to a change in both play style and painting. Darren is also hoping to show his fiance how well circle work in order to convince her to play a little more! (A noble plan!)

Darren is planning on having no metal in his force, instead relying on bone and stone for his weapons and armour.

Here is how Darren has got on in week one -

Tom - Mercenaries

Tom decided to return to his original love - The Searforge! Tom is using the tale to get his already large force painted. As you may notice Tom has a little more done than the rest of us, he had already started them before the tale started, but we let him get away with it as he paints at a snails pace!

Tom has gone for a very rusty, ancient paint job and I think it works really well!

Here is Toms force so far - (Sorry about the bad photo, ill make sure we take some better ones soon!)

Steve - Skorne

Now the first thing you may notice about Steve's section this week is the change of faction - Steve saw the Extreme Titan Gladiator on eBay, won it and decided Skorne was the way to go!

Steve plans on using lots of browns and golds along with a very dark armour on what I'm sure will be a very sinister looking force!

Matt (me) - Khador

First of all I would like to point out that this is in no way going to change my "only Retribution at competition in 2012" stance, these guys are purely for friendly games and painting!

Why did I choose Khador? Well the answer is twofold, first of all we don't have a single Khador in the local area, second I own A LOT of Khador models.

I love the idea of Khador Warjacks taking a real beating and then still crush an opponent, so I'm going for a heavily weathered and battle damaged force.

I'm still unsure on a paint scheme, I really enjoyed painting Black Ivan last year, so I'm very tempted to go for a whole force in that scheme, but I also want to experiment on using blues to highlight black, So I may change the scheme a little!

Here is what Ive done so far -

So that's the first few days! Hopefully we will all be busy over the next week or so and the next post will have some more colourful pictures!