Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Tale of four Warcasters - The Intro!


By now I’m sure many of you will be familiar with the “tale of ….” Format, this is the Kernow-machine attempt at doing something a little similar!

Starting from a Battlebox or Warpack each gamer will build and paint a force, competing against each other in challenges with the aim being a fully painted 35 point force at the end!

I’m aiming to at least do a weekly update to let everyone know how it’s all going, hopefully full of WIP shots of each force!

Soooo onto the gamers!

Matt (Me) – Khador
Darren – Circle
Steve – Legion
Tom – Mercenaries

Building and painting begins tomorrow so keep a look out for an update soon!


Saturday, 25 February 2012


First of all, I need to apologise for being so quiet recently, Ive been busy running/attending tournaments and leagues, and of course real life likes to step in and take my time as well!

First up today we have Lord Arcanist Ossyan and Dawnlord Vyros.

Ive used Ossyan a fair bit already, and ive got to say his feat turn can really pack a punch!

Next up we have the family photo!

Thats right! Ive finished all the current Retribution of Scyrah Warcasters! Im really looking forward to the release of colossals, not only because of Hyperion, but because Vyros is getting a horse!

Talking of horses....

Really enjoyed painting this guy, which is good considering I have the maximum amount of mounted models availalbe to a Retribution force!

Ive also finished Skarath and a Scyir

Thats all for now folks! Vyros is off to wage war on the Skorne!
 Take it easy

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Scrap Heap 2012 - Round three

Scrap Heap 2012 – Round three
This is event three in the Scrap heap 2012 Warmachine/Hordes series, to be held at Mad for Miniatures (Cornwall UK)

For this event we will have 16 places available, but we have room to expand on this should more people wish to enter.

Cost: £5 to be paid to Mad for Miniatures before the event to reserve your place.
You can pay by Paypal: madforminiatures@btinternet.com
Card Payments by phone: 01726 72259
Or By card and cash in store: Unit 17 the Market House, St.Austell, Cornwall, PL255QB

Registration on the day from 9:00am until 10:00am
Start time of 10:00am

25 point Steamroller
2012 rules and scenarios
4 rounds, all players will play each round.
2 lists required
1 point for a win, 0 for a loss.
Painted armies are not required.
60 minute games, 10 minute timed turns, no extensions.
Lunch break after round 2 (bring your own) 45 minutes

1st - £15.00 (MFM gift voucher)
2nd - £10.00 (MFM gift voucher)
3rd - £5.00 (MFM gift voucher)

Prizes are based on 8 attendees and will be increased accordingly as attendance increases! Its possible there will be prizes for best painted model, best sport and more. All entry money will be used for prizes as usual.

(All lists to egoninja@hotmail.co.uk by 10.03.2012)

Saturday, 4 February 2012

War-Torn Alliances: Gnarls @ MFM

Hello again!

Last night saw the start of the first league of the year at Mad for Miniatures!

We had a lot of interest for this one, with a total of 14 players signing up!

1. Matt Beer - Retribution of Scyrah
2. Hannah Beer - Trollbloods
3. Mike Oke - Cygnar
4. Tom Adams - Mercs
5. Steve Phillimore - Skorne
6. Luke Remnant - Circle
7. Darren Mcnally - Cryx
8. Lisa Hillman - Cricle
9. Claire Blewett - Legion
10. Richard Corner - Cryx
11. Andrew Pinn - Cygnar
12. David Cameron - Cygnar
13. Derek Gibbin - Skorne
14. Josh Poet Pearce - Circle

Starting Ladder

1. Darren Mcnally
2. Hannah Beer
3. Richard Corner
4. Steve Phillimore
5. Andrew Pinn
6. Mike Oke
7. Claire Blewett
8. Lisa Hillman
9. Tom Adams
10. Matt Beer
11. Luke Remnant
12. David Cameron
13. Derek Gibbin
14. Josh Poet Pearce
All the games for week one were played using the Mosh pit scenario. Despite this being one of the scenarios in the main rulebook most of the guys were unaware of it, which lead to some interesting games!

Game one

Claire Blewett vs Derek Gibbin - Claire wins

Darren Mcnally vs Matt Beer - Matt wins

Luke Remnant vs Lisa Hillman - Lisa wins

David Cameron vs Mike Oke - David wins

Tom Adams vs Hannah Beer - Hannah wins

Steve Phillimore vs Andrew Pinn - Steve wins

Richard Corner vs Josh Poet Pearce - Richard wins

Game two

Tom Adams vs Matt Beer - Tom wins

Luke Remnant vs Andrew Pinn - Andrew wins

David Cameron vs Claire Blewett - David wins

Steve Phillimore vs Darren Mcnally - Darren wins

Lisa Hillman vs Hannah Beer - Hannah wins

Richard Corner vs Mike Oke - Mike wins

Derek Gibbin vs Josh Poet Pearce - Derek wins
Current standings

1. Hannah Beer - 4
2. David Cameron - 4
3. Darren Mcnally - 3
4. Richard Corner - 3
5. Steve Phillimore - 3
6. Andrew Pinn - 3
7. Mike Oke - 3
8. Claire Blewett - 3
9. Lisa Hillman - 3
10. Tom Adams - 3
11. Matt Beer - 3
12. Derek Gibbin - 3
13. Josh Poet Pearce - 2
14. Luke Remnant - 2
Next week will see the first of the team games, I'm looking forward to seeing how players work together for this one!

All of next weeks games will be played using the Whirling gauntlet scenario!

Game three (Team game one)

Steve Phillimore & Andrew Pinn vs Darren Mcnally & Hannah Beer

Matt Beer & Mike Oke vs Derek Gibbin & David Cameron

Richard Corner, Luke Remnant & Josh PP vs Claire Blewett, Tom Adams & Lisa Hillman

Game four

Andrew Pinn vs David Cameron

Tom Adams vs Luke Remnant

Lisa Hillman vs Matt Beer

Darren Mcnally vs Richard Corner

Hannah Beer vs Mike Oke

Steve Phillimore vs Derek Gibbin

Claire Blewett vs Josh Poet Pearce

Some very exciting match ups there!

Take it easy!




Before we go any further check THIS out



So Ive calmed down a bit now, Privateer press have announced the summers BIG release and its got everyone more than a little excited. The new colossal models look amazing and the artwork for the others is superb! Im really looking forward to adding Hyperion to my Retribution force....im not sure im going to be able to resist adding the Kraken to my Cryx either....and then we have my Khador....oh dear....better start saving!