Thursday, 12 April 2012



Its been a while since I picked up my Legion of Everblight for a game, but the other day I did just that! I used Kallus a few times against some of the Local club members and within a few games I was once again hooked on the might of blight!

After the games with Kallus I decided to switch back to some of my favourite casters from the last outing with Legion, so out came pThagrosh and pVayl.

I like playing pVayl in bigger games as you can really go beast heavy, and with the legion beasts being as amazing as they are why wouldn't I want to do that!....oh and incite ;) The difficult choice Ive had is the use of Typhon in a multi list event, whilst he Thagrosh's best chum I feel he works so much better with pVayl, he is a perfect choice as her bodyguard AND his sprays are devastating under incite!

So as an apology  to Thagrosh I purchased him some new friends!

May I present to you THE WARMONGERS

I also failed to resist the temptation of picking up the Throne of Everblight, whilst its not finished yet Ive managed to get it a fair way!

Whilst I was at it I also picked up the rest of the Legion warlocks, so expect them soon!

That's all for now folks!


Thursday, 5 April 2012

The Tale of four Warcasters - Month one painting results!


The first month is now over in our little challenge, each player now has a fully painted Battlegroup!


Darren cast his bases himself!


Tom will have to paint a little more than most next month as Gorten's Battlegroup comes in at only 8 points!


Steve has used the extreme sculpt over the standard Gladiator.....its massive!

Matt (me)

I really like how the 'Black Ivan' Scheme turned out, I'm quite proud of the bases as well, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all looks on a battle engine or colossal! For next month im thinking about adding Yuri the axe!


The month two challenges are -

  • Play 1 game.
  • Paint enough to get your force up to 15 points.
Hopefully I should have an update with what everyone is adding soon, maybe even a battle report ;)