Monday, 21 November 2011

Big News!

As some of you may know a few months ago I applied to join the Press gang.......and as of Friday the EU Press gang is one stronger! ;)

That's right, I'm now a Press ganger! :)

So what does this mean for the Local community? Lots more events, including more Tournaments and Demo days, as well as painting and scenery building workshops and MUCH more!


The kayazy eliminators are assassins who practice their deadly trade with the finesse of the finest artists. Working in pairs, the lithe eliminators move with deft agility to conceal their silent presence. When the time comes to perform their bloody services, they do so with a grace that would seem like ease were anyone present to observe it.

The War Wagon roars across the battlefield with the crashing sound of hooves, iron, and wood. Pulled by enormous bison, the great wagon thunders forward, crushing any foe foolish enough to stand in its path. Once in position, it brings its monstrous main gun to bear and blasts apart man and beast alike in a brutal display of raw firepower. Even the occasional miss results in enormous destruction from the staggering explosive blast.

An ancient manifestation of the Devourer Wurm’s conscious will, the gallows grove flourishes on soil soaked in the blood of sacrifice and violent massacres. Possessing an unsettling approximation of sentience, these gnarled trees might vanish only to reappear where the blood flows most freely. Powerful druids of the Circle are able to feed their will into these conduits of power and then unleash it upon those marked for death. The very presence of these trees saps vitality from the living as wounds gape wide to pour blood upon the thirsty roots of their destroyers.

The dragonspawn Proteus is Absylonia’s greatest creation. With a mass of thrashing tentacles projecting from its horrible visage, Proteus is the dragon’s hunger given obscene form. This unnatural abomination snares its victims with its tentacles and drags them inexorably into the grasp of its waiting claws. Those ensnared die horribly as Proteus strips flesh from bone, filling the air with a bloody mist.

Archidons rule the skies over the Stormlands of the Bloodstone Desert with preternatural viciousness. Hunters possessed of keen eyesight and tremendous speed, the enormous winged reptiles are known to trail small groups of nomads traveling across the wastes. Once an archidon has its quarry, it soars upward to drop its hapless victim upon the jagged stones far below before descending to feast upon the broken body. Skorne tyrants and beast handlers appreciate the survival instincts and fighting 
 prowess of these savage beasts.

So that's all for today, keep an eye out for a full report from Kernow-Machine II later this week!


Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Lich Lord Terminus VS Jarl Skuld (35 points) CLOSE QUARTERS

The Lists


Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
25 models

[00] Lich Lord Terminus (0 / 4 WJ remaining)
[05] >> Cankerworm
[04] Darragh Wrathe
[10] Bane Knights (9 grunts)
[09] Revenant Crew of the Atramentous (9 grunts)
[09] Wraith Engine
[02] Ragman


Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
25 models

[00] Jarl Skuld, Devil of the Thornwood (0 / 6 WB)
[10] >> Dire Troll Bomber
[09] >> Dire Troll Mauler
[06] >> Slag Troll
[04] Krielstone Bearer & Stone Scribes (5 grunts)
[01] >> Stone Scribe Elder
[08] Trollkin Fennblades (9 grunts)
[02] >> Trollkin Fennblade Officer & Drummer
[01] Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew

Hannah wins the roll off and take turn one.

Turn one


* The Mauler and Bomber both rile for 2 and run.
* The Slag troll makes a full advance.
* Jarl casts quicken onto the Fennblades and puts 3 fury into the stone before making a full advance.
* The Gobbers advance and pop a cloud.
* The Stone advances a uses its protective aura alongside the UA's combat warding.
* The Fennblades run.


The Wraith engine drifts forwards 2" in the control phase.

* Darragh Wrathe uses Deathride, The Bane knights and Wrath engine both advance one inch. He then makes a full advance.
* The Wraith engine charges the Fennblades but misses both of his attacks. (A sign of things to come me thinks, he should have killed at least 3!)
* The Bane knights run.
* Ragman runs.
* Cankerworm advances.
* Terminus advances and camps all focus. (shocked?)
* The Revenant crew advance around Terminus.

Turn two



* The Bomber advances and bombs Darragh, knocking him off his horse, the second bomb removes him from the table.
* Jarl advances and shoots the wraith engine (damn black penny) , causing 4 points of damage on the beasty. He then puts 3 fury into the stone.
* The gobbers advance and pop out a cloud.
* The Slag troll advances and riles for one.
* The Fennblades charge the Wraith engine but fail to bring him down!
* The Mauler advances and riles.
* The stone advances and puts up a spirit hunting protective aura (no incorporeal for me Sad )


* The Wraith engine missed its first attack, but killed with the second, bought another attack with his soul and killed another, tried to buy another attack but missed.....
* The Bane knights charge, doing 2 points on the mauler, 16 on the bomber and 8 on the Slag troll.
* Ragman advances.
* Cankerworm advances.
* Terminus advances and camps his focus. (Thought id mix it up a bit Wink )
* The Crew halo around Terminus

SmileyTurn three


Vengeance kicks in and the Wraith engine is snuffed out

* Jarl heals the bomber before opening fire on the Bane knights (AAARRRRGGGH I HATE BLACK PENNY) one knight dies but the other one passes his tough roll (good ol Terminus)
Jarl then puts Tactical supremacy onto the bomber, 2 onto the stone before discarding the last one.
* The Slag troll kills a bane and does 7 damage to Cankerworm.
* The Gobbers pop a cloud.
* The Stone advances and puts up protective aura and stone strength.
* The Fennblades advance into the control zone.
* The Mauler Kills two Bane knights.
* The Bomber kills three Bane knights and then moves away using tactical supremacy.

Hannah scores the first control point


Vengeance kicks in and the Bane knights cause 1 point of damage to the bomber.

* The banes advance around the bomber.
* Terminus activates, pops his feat and charges the bomber, a few swings later and Terminus is up one soul.
* Cankerworm kills the Slagtroll getting Terminus another soul.
* The revenant crew move and shoot at the Fennblades, killing two and getting more souls for Terminus.
* Ragman walks into the zone to contest it and Boneshakers a fennblade making him kill his mate as well, two more souls please.

Turn four


The Mauler frenzies into a Fennblade getting Terminus another soul token.

Vengeance kicks in and ragman dies.

* Jarl runs into the zone and Hannah ends the game.

Hannah wins by scenario