Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The Tale of Four Warcasters - Month 2 painting results


First of all I need to apologise, we did not manage to get in our games for this month, Local tournaments and leagues have eaten up all our gaming time! We will endeavour to get some games in this month!

I also need to apologise for the lateness of this post, a lack of photo's from a certain Merc and Steve moving house did not help! ;) 


This month Darren painted the Lord of the Feast!

Darren also sent me some pictures of his WIP additions for this month!


This month Tom added a minimum unit of Horgenhold Forgeguard, this leaves him a couple points behind everyone else, but he plans to catch up this month!


Steve has been very busy this month, moving into a new house! He did manage to get a little bit of painting done and assures me it will be all finished by the end of the month, along with his new additions.

Matt (me)

This month I added Yuri the axe. This puts me a point behind everyone else, but ill catch up this month!

This month I plan to add the Battle engine and a 2 point solo....which one I'm not sure!

The Month ahead

The aim for this month is -

  • Play one game
  • Get your army up to 25 points.
Thats all for now!