Monday, 29 October 2012


Ok, so that title may be a little extreme, but I wanted to make an impact for my first proper return post. As you may have guessed I’ve had a little faction hop again, this time I’m hoping it will end a little differently. The last major hop was to Retribution last year, I made the bold claim that I was going to stick with them, good or bad, for the whole of 2012. If you have looked at any recent posts you will release quite quickly that I failed quite horribly. I made it to April, which considering my history with faction swapping is still pretty good! I’m hoping in 2013 I can make it the whole way, using Menoth in most if not all events I attend.

I decided to go with Menoth for a few reasons. The first being our local Meta is short on Menoth players. We have a few guys who have just picked up the faction, but they are quite new to the game and not yet familiar with the tournament scene on a wider scale. The second reason was quite simple, I love the models!

So where do I start? First things first a test model! I walked into Mad for Miniatures a grabbed the first Menite that grabbed my attention - An Allegiant of the Order of the Fist.

I’m going for a crusading force, with damp rainforest basing!

That’s all for now guys, the next post will be about my first Menoth list, why I went for each option and how the perform together on the table!

Take it easy guys!


The blog is alive!

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve said this a fair amount in the last few posts, but I’m sorry it’s been so quiet!

I’m back now though so don’t worry posts should start appearing with more regularity!

You may have noticed a small change in layout etc.; this is the visible sign of the blogs rebirth!

When I last posted I had started using Cryx again, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I did paint the Kraken.

I also painted and converted the Harbinger for a friend!