Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Menoth wills it!

Hello again!
I know, I know, I went all quiet again for a couple of week! Ive not been sat idle during that time tho, Ive been busy building the forces of Menoth to punish all non believers ;)
In my last post I posted my "starter" 25 point Epic Kreoss list, hoping that I would be able to get some games in at that level and then add to the force from there.....However I found out about a 50 point, 2 list event happening less than an hour away, so thought "hey, why not.....lets run out my brand new faction at a tournament straight away"
The first thing I did was add to my Kreoss list, after some tweaking it looked like this -

[00] Grand Exemplar Kreoss (0 / 6 WJ remaining)

[09]  >> Sanctifier

[05] High Exemplar Gravus

[03] Nicia, Tear of Vengeance

 [01] Vassal Mechanik

[08] Exemplar Bastions (4 grunts)

[08] Exemplar Errants (9 grunts)

[02]  >> Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard

[05] Knights Exemplar

[04] Visigoth Juviah Rhoven & Honor Guard

[09] Vessel of Judgement

[02] Saxon O.
This list was going to be both my High defence and High armour cracker, the feat would deal with High defence and the mass of Weapon masters could deal with armour. I chose not to take his Tier list so I could include Nicea, she is an absolute monster on feat turn with 3 auto hitting weapon master attacks! The Sanctifier is my Warjack of choice for this list for one simple reason: with all those bodies out he could fuel himself, letting Kreoss camp focus! Rhoven & co came along to give the vessel the ability to shoot any annoying stealthed solo' worked well ;)
The second list was -
[00] Grand Scrutator Severius (0 / 6 WJ remaining)
[18]  >> Judicator
[08]  >> Reckoner
[06]  >> Redeemer
[02] The Covenant of Menoth
 [01] Vassal Mechanik
[03] Choir of Menoth (5 grunts)
 [08] Exemplar Errants (9 grunts)
[02]  >> Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard
[06] Holy Zealots (9 grunts)
[02]  >> Monolith Bearer
This list was all about damage output and infantry removal, Eye of Menoth combined with Battle makes the blast damage from the Judicator and Redeemer truly terrifying!
Over the course of the event I played against Cryx (pSkarre vs pSeverius), Circle (eKaya vs eKreoss), Legion (eVayl vs pSeverius) and Khador (eVlad vs eKreoss).
All the games were very close, but ultimately the will of Menoth was too strong and I walked away with 4 straight wins and 1st place! Not that shabby for the first tournament outing!
Next year I plan to blog more about the tournament exploits of my Menoth and hopefully the rest of Team MfM/Kernow Machine as well! (in a lot more detail....may even take some pics ;))


Ive not had a great deal of time to paint recently, but have managed to get the first Warjack done!
Really enjoyed painting this guy, I'm noticing a theme here with the Menoth! Currently on the table we have Rhoven and co, soon to be joined by....... THE JUDICATOR! It performed so well at the tournament I decided to get it done straight away!
Take it easy!


Sunday, 4 November 2012

All men are cremated equal.....


As you may have guessed from the title, I'm still praising Menoth!

This post will be all about my first Menoth list and why Ive chosen each option!

Before I get started on the main body of the post id like to say that at first I was going to just plant my 50 point list (that Ive used once ;) ) in front of you and go from there. I changed my mind about 30 seconds ago, Ive instead chosen to start at 25 points and go from there!


Protectorate of Menoth
Standard Army
PCs: 25 / 25
26 models
[00] Grand Exemplar Kreoss (0 / 6 WJ remaining)
[09]  >> Sanctifier
[03] Nicia, Tear of Vengeance
[02] Allegiant of the Order of the Fist
[02] Choir of Menoth (3 grunts)
[08] Exemplar Errants (9 grunts)
[02]  >> Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard
[05] Knights Exemplar
So lets start at the top.... (This will be very vague and more theory machine than anything, that is until I start using them!)

Epic Kreoss - This guy is a complete beast, hits like a ton of bricks and supports his army well to boot.

Sanctifier - Incorporeal units and models have become pretty popular in the local meta recently, this old chap will help see to that AND he looks cool.

Nicia - On feat turn she will be chucking out THREE weapon master attacks that will all be hitting automatically.....AND she has acrobatics - Why wouldn't I take her!

Order of the Fist - Again multiple weapon master attacks with eKreoss is just going to be fun!

Choir - Silly question.

Exemplar Errants + UA - One of the best units in the whole game that just get better with the Grand Exemplar. I'll be doing an entire post on these guys in the near future, so i'll keep it short until then.

Knights Exemplar - MORE WEAPON MASTERS. :)

So there we have the list itself, pretty much straight forward, run, punch, kill....well thats the plan anyway. Im aiming to give it its first run out this week and will try and do a battle report as well so I can fully feed back on the list.


It would not be right to have an entire post without at least one picture...

There he is! The big man himself! Not alot to say really, im very tempted to convert another one using a bastion or cinerator as a base as I think he could do with being a bit bigger!

Currently on the table we have a Sanctifier and a Menofixer, will post pictures when they are done of course!

Thats all for now, painting to be done!


Monday, 29 October 2012


Ok, so that title may be a little extreme, but I wanted to make an impact for my first proper return post. As you may have guessed I’ve had a little faction hop again, this time I’m hoping it will end a little differently. The last major hop was to Retribution last year, I made the bold claim that I was going to stick with them, good or bad, for the whole of 2012. If you have looked at any recent posts you will release quite quickly that I failed quite horribly. I made it to April, which considering my history with faction swapping is still pretty good! I’m hoping in 2013 I can make it the whole way, using Menoth in most if not all events I attend.

I decided to go with Menoth for a few reasons. The first being our local Meta is short on Menoth players. We have a few guys who have just picked up the faction, but they are quite new to the game and not yet familiar with the tournament scene on a wider scale. The second reason was quite simple, I love the models!

So where do I start? First things first a test model! I walked into Mad for Miniatures a grabbed the first Menite that grabbed my attention - An Allegiant of the Order of the Fist.

I’m going for a crusading force, with damp rainforest basing!

That’s all for now guys, the next post will be about my first Menoth list, why I went for each option and how the perform together on the table!

Take it easy guys!


The blog is alive!

Hello everyone!

I know I’ve said this a fair amount in the last few posts, but I’m sorry it’s been so quiet!

I’m back now though so don’t worry posts should start appearing with more regularity!

You may have noticed a small change in layout etc.; this is the visible sign of the blogs rebirth!

When I last posted I had started using Cryx again, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I did paint the Kraken.

I also painted and converted the Harbinger for a friend!