Sunday, 22 January 2012

MORE Retribution!

Hello everyone!

As Ive mentioned in previous posts, I'm aiming to stick with Retribution for the whole of 2012! The major problem being I really don't like playing with unpainted models!

Ive managed to get a fair bit done and I'm happy to say Ive got both of my lists ready to represent Kernow-Machine at the Iron King next week!

Expect some pictures and a full Iron King report next week!

Ive also managed to put together ALOT of cavalry in the last week so expect to see them, alongside Ossyan soon!

Take it easy!


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Scrap Heap round one, Report and Photo's!

Round one of the Scrap Heap 2012 series has been and gone, here are some pictures of the event and of course the results!

1. Hannah Beer - Trollbloods
2. Mike Oke - Cygnar
3. Darren Mcnally - Cryx
4. Claire Blewett - Legion
5. Richard Corner - Cryx
6. Derek Gibbin - Skorne

Round one

Claire Blewett vs Richard Corner - Claire wins.

Hannah Beer vs Mike Oke - Hannah wins. This game looked very one sided to start with, with Mike destroying Mulg and two light beasts on Kara sloans feat turn, but in doing so left Kara quite far up the front of a Mauler.

Derek Gibbin vs Darren Mcnally - Darren wins

Round two

Mike Oke vs Richard Corner - Mike wins. This game appeared to be dominated by some truly amazing dice rolling from Mike and his shiny new Cygnar dice, I don't think the world was ready for that many 5's and 6's in one game!

Derek Gibbin vs Hannah Beer - Hannah wins. Mulg went on a rampage this game, killing nearly all of the Skorne beasts single handed!

Claire Blewett vs Darren Mcnally - Darren wins. This game was a brawl of truly epic proportions, every time Id turned around for even a second the initiative had switched, in the end Darren pulled of a free strike onto a gliding Thagrosh to win the game.

Round three

Mike Oke vs Claire Blewett - Claire wins

Derek Gibbin vs Richard Corner - Rich wins

Darren Mcnally vs Hannah Beer - Darren wins

Final round

Claire Blewett vs Hannah Beer - Claire wins. This game was another grind, Thagroshs feat caught Hannah off guard and the Legion prevailed!

Richard Corner vs Darren Mcnally - Darren wins.

Mike Oke vs Derek Gibbin - Mike wins. Kara sloans wall of guns seems to be causing most of the local players grief at the moment!


1. Darren Mcnally - 4
2. Claire Blewett - 3
3. Hannah Beer - 2
4. Mike Oke - 2
5. Richard Corner - 1
6. Derek Gibbin - 0