Saturday, 17 September 2011

Sand Narrows week one + the usual!

So the final leg of the Shattered grounds kicked of at Mad for Miniatures last night....and what a night it was!

The starting ladder looked like this -

1. Lisa
2. Hannah
3. Tom P
4. Vini
5. Rich
6. Steve
7. Tom A
8. Claire
9. Matt
10. Clive
11. Jon PJ
12. Darren

We had two more people sign up on the night as well, bringing the amount of players in this leg up to 14!

After the dust had settled the ladder looks like this -

1. Hannah - 4
2.Vini - 4
3. Rich - 4
4. Claire - 4
5. Matt - 4
6. Tom A - 3
7. Darren - 3
8. Lisa - 2
9. Tom P - 2
10. Steve - 2
11. Clive - 2
12. Mike - 2
13. Degs - 2
14. Jon PJ - 0

Some very good games all around, including another very close game against my gaming Nemesis Darren!

Next weeks games have been drawn and it looks like we have some very exciting match ups!

Vini vs Darren
Rich vs Claire
Hannah vs Tom P
Mike vs Matt
Steve vs Degs
Lisa vs Tom A
Jon PJ vs Clive

Hannah vs Degs
Clive vs Tom P
Lisa vs Jon PJ
Darren vs Rich
Steve vs Mike
Claire vs Vini
Matt vs Tom A

Hopefully next week ill get a chance to take a few photo's!


As usual its been very busy in my house!


Its been a while since Ive had a chance to post, in that time PP has previewed ALOT of very cool models!

I should be back on Wednesday with a Battle report!