Thursday, 30 June 2011

Gamer profile and Battle report!

As promised tonight we have the first of many "Gamer profiles" the idea being ill find out a little bit about each of the local players and then have a battle with them!

First up we have the Wife!

Kernow-machine gamer profile

Player name - Hannah

Time gaming - 3 years

Favourite game - Warhammer fantasy

Favorite model - Trollbloods Wintertroll

Current forces - Trollbloods, Menoth, High elves, Dark elves, Lizardmen, Dwarves, Orcs and Goblins, Empire, Tyranids, The Guild, LOTR Woods elves.

Aims for this year - To place at a tournament!

Here are a few photograph's of some of Hannah's armies.


 Onto the game!


Hannah's List

Trollbloods (Rotterhorn: 2011)
Standard Army
PCs: 45 / 50
31 models

[00] Madrak Ironhide, Thornwood Chieftain (0 / 6 WB)
[05]  >> Pyre Troll
[05]  >> Winter Troll
[06]  >> Troll Axer
[05]  >> Troll Impaler
[05]  >> Troll Impaler
[03] Janissa Stonetide
[02] Trollkin Skinner
[06] Pyg Shock Troops (9 grunts)
[08] Pyg Bushwhackers (9 grunts)
[02] Alten Ashley
[04] Dannon Blythe & Bull

My list

Legion of Everblight (Rotterhorn: 2011)
Standard Army
PCs: 45 / 50
25 models

[00] Thagrosh, Prophet of Everblight (0 / 5 WB)
[12]  >> Typhon
[11]  >> Carnivean
[09]  >> Angelius
[02]  >> Shredder
[01] Blighted Nyss Shepherd
[08] Blighted Nyss Hex Hunter (9 grunts)
[03]  >> Bayal, Hound of Everblight
[03] Spawning Vessel (6 grunts)
[01] Feralgeist
I won the roll off and chose to go second, deployment looked like this - 

Trollbloods turn 1

  • Blythe & Bull set the Hex hunters as prey
  • Janessa advances and pops out a wall of stone
  • ALL the beasts run
  • Madrak casts sure foot and motors on up the board.
  • Alten Ashley and the Skinner hide on the edge of the wood
  • The Shock troops and BW's advance but are out of range due to stealth.
  • Blythe & Bull make a full advance

Legion turn 1

  • The Feralgiest runs
  • Typhon makes a full advance and pops his animus
  • The Angelius makes a full advance
  • The shredder makes a full advance and pops his animus on the Angelius
  • Thagrosh casts Tenacity on himself, then casts Fog of war followed by Draconic blessing on the Angelius.
  • The Hex hunters advance and unleash a wall of Hex bolts but only manage a few points on one Impaler and one dead Pyg.
  • The Stew pot advances.

Trollbloods turn 2
  • Madrak upkeep's Surefoot
  • Axer and Pyre troll both passed threshold checks.
  • All beasts advance
  • Madrak advances and camps his fury
  • Janessa advances and pops a wall behind madrak to help shield him from shenanigans.
  • Alten Ashley shoots the Angelius doing a little damage whilst his Skinner friend continues to hide!
  • The shock troops charge the Hex hunters and manage to kill Bayal!
  • Blythe and Bull join in and kill another 2 (filling the stew pot)
  • The BW's move up and CRA the combat free Hex hunters killing another 2.

Legion turn 2
  • Thagrosh upkeep's Draconic blessing.
  • Stew pot advances and spits out a Stinger.
  • Feralgiest advances
  • Typhon charges the Feralgiest, uses all 2 sprays causing a little damage which Madrak transfers to an impaler.
  • The Carnivean charges the Axer, the spray misses the Axer but hits Madrak, the damage gets transferred again, this time to the other impaler. The Carnivean then tears the Axer to tiny tiny pieces.
  • The shredder advances and puts Tenacity on the Angelius again.
  • The Angelius charges the Pyre troll, causing a fair amount of damage but not killing it.
  • Thagrosh casts Tenacity for free then hits the Pyre with Mutagenisis, killing him and swapping places, Thagrosh lays into Madrak, but after he transfers loads and uses his scroll he has only taken 8 damage...oh dear.
  • The Hex hunter kill a few Shock troopers.

Trollbloods turn 3
  • What happens next is very unlucky, Madrak attempts to lay into Thagrosh, and by rights should have killed him - The dice gods decided this wasnt to be and Hannah rolled more 1's than Ive ever seen!
  • The Pygs kill a few more Hex hunters
Legion turn 3
  • The Stew pot creates a Harrier.
  • Thagrosh casts the Harriers animus for free and kills Madrak. I'm a jammy git.
A win for Legion!

Thank you to Hannah for a very good game, one by rights I should have lost!


Two more light Warjack kits have been sighted!

Until next time!
Ego Ninja

Sunday, 26 June 2011


Hello again!
As the Warmachine/hordes scene in Cornwall grows so does the need to stay organised! We have made a Facebook group to keep everyone up to date with the Kernow-machine tournament series and Warmachine/hordes gaming in general. If your interested in gaming in the Southwest or just interested in Warmachine and Hordes check us out HERE.


This chap appeared on the Privateer front page this week - 

A marvel of Iosan force mastery, the Aspis is an unmistakable sight on the battlefield. The myrmidon is equipped to manipulate its own protective field dynamically and can catch bullets with it before they strike. A stalwart guardian of its controlling warcaster, the Aspis can smash even the largest enemies backward with blows of its force-enhanced fists to keep its master safe from harm.

Next time ill start to introduce the local community with the first of many gamer profiles and a look around Cornwall's only PP stockist - Mad for Miniatures!

Ego Ninja

Saturday, 25 June 2011

More Legion!

Hello again!

After Kernow-machine I promised all my local players that I would put pLylyth away for a little while. (apparently they dont like being shot in the face ;))

So first things first I needed to paint up a few more casters, I had pThagrosh done, but wanted more options so got this lot done!

First up I gave Rhyas a shot against my wife and her Trollbloods (who will be appearing in the blog soon!)
On feat turn I managed to get Rhyas,Typhon  and 2 shredders into combat with Madrak, dropped him down to one health, Next turn Madrak hit Rhyas like a ton of bricks - game over and revenge for the Trolls!

So not a great start on the new caster hunt.....

Next up Im going for Vayl and her Tier 4, Ive got a few games under my belt with her, its going very well so far, two max units of Hex hunters and Bayal is alot of fun!

To go with all the casters I managed to get some other bits done as well.

As you can see ive been very busy!

Shattered grounds: Rotterhorn at Mad for Miniatures

Once again we are taking part in the Shattered grounds!

Pre - League event

All players have unitl the last day of the league to make one item of scenery for the club.
On the final day of play all players will vote on the best item of scenery with the winner getting a £10 MfM voucher.

Games and scoring

Everybody will get 2 games each night
Players will score 1 point for playing and 1 point for winning
Games can be up to 50 points (the lowest player on the ladder decides)
If you miss a game for any reason you have until the last week of the league to catch up.
All games will be randomly drawn before each night.

(As you may notice we have changed the rules slightly, this is to insure all players have an equal chance of winning)

League finale

As everyone seemed to enjoy it last time we will have another Battlebox knockout tournament.

We have had some great games so far, im hoping to get some pics and maybe a report or two this week so stay tuned!
Thats all for now folks!

Ego Ninja



My name is Matt and I'm a wargamer...

Ive been wargaming for about 12 years now, mainly Warhammer etc until quite recently when I discovered Warmachine and Hordes at a demo day held at Mad for Miniatures. I was hooked from the word go and within 10 minutes of my first game I had picked up a Khador Battlebox!

Over the next few months I managed to get in more than a few games with them but it wasn't feeling quite right, so I gave another faction a shot - The Legion of Everblight!

I decided to go a bit crazy with the paint scheme, many now call them the legion of Jokerblight!

Along with my War pack I set off to the Mid Cornwall gaming club to grab some games, an hour or so later I was certain I had found my faction! Very fast and very sneaky!

Fast forward a few months and I'm about to enter Cornwall's first Steamroller, Kernow-machine.
The rules stated I would need to 35 point lists and some objective markers, so back to the workbench I went and I managed to get these guys finished just before the event.

After four frantic games I walked away with 3rd place, only losing to the winner - not to bad for my first event!

Now that my brief Warmahordes history is out the way I can get to the point of this blog!

I plan to log the progress of my Legion over the coming years as well as share all my other projects with all of you!

In the next update - More painted Legion, exploring the Winterstorm and Mid Cornwall gaming clubs Rotterhorn league.

Until next time!
Ego Ninja