Saturday, 12 January 2013

New Year - More Burning!

Happy New year everyone!

For the first post of the new year I thought I would share the lists I'm considering taking to a local event at the end of the month!

The first list will be using a caster I don't have much experience with, but is commonly seen as one of Menoth's more powerful Warcasters.....The Harbinger!


Protectorate of Menoth
Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
25 models

[00] The Harbinger of Menoth (0 / 5 WJ remaining)
[08] >> Reckoner
[03] High Paladin Dartan Vilmon
[02] Paladin of the Order of the Wall
[02] Paladin of the Order of the Wall
[02] Vassal of Menoth
[01] Vassal Mechanik
[01] Vassal Mechanik
[02] Choir of Menoth (3 grunts)
[08] Exemplar Errants (9 grunts)
[02] >> Exemplar Errant Officer & Standard
[09] Vessel of Judgement

Ive had a few games with this list recently and its been a complete pain in the ass for my opponents.

Paladins are hard enough to shift as it is with DartanVilmons impervious wall, then take Harbingers Martyrdom into consideration and we have a big problem for most enemies AND if you do chose to let one take a bullet you can use the vessel to let said Paladin get another dig in on the way out! Good times!

The second list is causing me a few problems,  I could just take either pSeverius or eKreoss as Ive used them a lot recently, but I'm quite keen to get in some tournament games with a few more casters, so I'm not stuck just using the pair the whole year!

The three casters I'm stuck between are, Kreoss on a horse, Reznik and eFeora.

Ive only worked out a list for eFeora, which looks like this -

Protectorate of Menoth
Standard Army
PCs: 35 / 35
24 models

[00] Feora, Protector of the Flame (0 / 6 WJ remaining)
[18]  >> Judicator
[08]  >> Vanquisher
[01] Vassal Mechanik
[01] Vassal Mechanik
[02] Vassal of Menoth
[03] Choir of Menoth (5 grunts)
[06] Temple Flameguard (9 grunts)
[02]  >> Temple Flameguard Officer & Standard

Now having no experience with eFeora this is purely theory based! Any comments would be welcome!


Since the last update Ive managed to get very little done! I managed to get the new Kreoss and Nicia finished (pics next time) I also started on a few of which is very big ;)

Take it easy!


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